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Directions to Gerrymanders of Maryland Squaredance Club < Return
Directions to Gerrymanders of Maryland Squaredance Club
From the Beltway (I495) south on Connecticut Ave.
Right at the light at Jones Bridge Road - you can't turn left off Conn Ave.
Go 2 lights and make a U-turn (no U-turn at first light)
Return to Connecticut Ave and immediately get into the No. 2 lane (second from the center) and make an easy left at the light onto Kensington Parkway. A hard left takes you back onto Connecticut Avenue.
Drive 2 blocks and turn left, then into the North Chevy Chase Christian Church parking lot.
All this is necessary because left turns are illegal from Connecticut Ave onto Kensington Parkway.

Alternative: drive past Jones ridge Rd. to the next light (Manor Road) and make a U-turn. When you get back to the intersection at Conn. Ave. and Jones Bridge Road, turn easy
right onto Kensington Parkway, then drive 2 blocks to the church.

Detailed maps and directions
Alternate route with less traffic - from Ed Cragg

Posted 09/18/2011 by WC Banta