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You do not need a partner. Roughly equal proportions of ladies and gents show up. Admission: $6 per person or $60 per quarter. Drop-in Dances are free to new dancers; club members are charged as usual.

No special clothes required; Ladies usually wear skirts, men wear shirts with long sleeves. Western dress is welcome. You can just show up - no need to phone first. There are no age limits; our members range from teens into their 90s. We average 2 squares a night, 3-4 squares or more on special occasions.

Gerrymanders is a mainstream club. We dance mainstream from 7:00-8:30 pm and mainstream with plus tips from about 8:30-10 pm. While beginner classes are in session, we dance 7-8:30 class level, 8:30-9:30, mainstream, and 9:30-10 pm mainstream with plus tips. You do not need to be a student to come at 7:00 We welcome "angels" -- mainstream dancers, singles and couples -- to fill out squares and help students  learn. Mainstream dancers are always welcome, all evening long.

Beginners: If you have never danced before, you can learn - schedules permitting - with or without a partner. Call Bill or Rochelle at 301-718-4217 or talk to the caller at one of our regular Wednesday night dances. Beginners' Drop-in Dances are in July, August and September. Free to new dancers.

More information: fill out a form, email Rochelle Banta or call 301-718-4217 or 301-385-8491.

If Montgomery County Schools are closed for snow, we do not dance.

Map and driving directions

Posted 02/15/2011 by WC Banta